Mia Sparrow is an independent arranger, rapper and songwriter from Prince George’s County, Maryland. She began garnering attention following her release of singles dealing with love, heartbreak and hip-hop via¬†and released her first project, “Love and Other Drugs” on May 28th, 2014. To date, LAOD has received over 17,000 downloads. Mia’s next project, “Club Paradise” is due out 2015.

Early Life:

Mia was born in Washington, D.C. but grew up in the Maryland suburb of Temple Hills in Prince George’s County. She was raised by an amazing single mother who worked hard and always taught her to be honest, to be strong and to be a woman of great principle. These early lessons would be what helped to shape Mia’s life and music.

Mia spent most of her youth in church, singing in the choir and a part of youth ministry, where she was taught that church was the way to God and God was the way to a life worth living. But growing up in a diverse family and community, she was exposed to every type of perspective and music. Mia states her early musical influences as gospel artists such as Daryl Coley and Smokie Norful but also various artists from other genres such as jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald, country singer Johnny Cash, R&B band Mint Condition and rappers such Nas, Kanye West, Drake and Dom Kennedy. Mia’s musical influences and opinions on religion versus spirituality only expanded when she left for college.


Mia attended Frostburg State University and graduated in December of 2010. During her time there, she met people of all different religious and spiritual backgrounds. She began to realize that she lacked a complete understanding of how love for God translated into a love for people and that while religious structure was needed, a spiritual relationship with God was much more important. This life altering realization led her into her most important relationship and would become the foundation for Mia’s music and views on life and love. Following earning her Bachelor of Science’s degree, she began working a steady nine-to-five. Music was a hobby throughout college but she never intended to fully pursue it. In 2012, Mia was inspired by a local artist named WordPlay, signed to GARealest Music Group, whom she’d met while working as a Resident Assistant at Frostburg. She began writing and arranging music…that music would become the blueprint for the “Love & Other Drugs”.


Mia first garnered attention following the release of an independent single, written by her and released via titled “Do Me” featuring local rapper, Sonny M. Hoffa. The song acquired light local buzz but no immediate releases followed. One year later, with new inspiration, following the break-up of a long relationship, Mia wrote and released two follow-up singles, “Can’t Stay” (a female response to rapper Nas’ “Stay” from the “Life Is Good” album) and “Two Of Me” (a confessional track featuring music from Rihanna and Future’s “Love Song”). The singles created therapeutic releases for Mia, allowing her to heal from the loss of that relationship and also let go of a troublesome relationship she entered shortly after. Following the attention of a third release, “Cassette Tape”, the buzz for “Love and Other Drugs” began.

Mia leaked her first music video for the single “Inauguration” (directed by Phase Media and Recording) in September and released her first project, “Love and Other Drugs” under GaRealest Music Group (GMG) on May 28th, 2014.

Mia began working on her first official album, “Club Paradise” at the start of 2015. It will be released via iTunes.

***Tour dates to be announced***